▓şvî'║┌╩▄ę Tawananna


This website is dedicated to all the Anatolian Women who have made enormous contributions not only to life in Anatolia, but also the world. Here you will find articles about Anatolian women throughout all eras of history to the present day along with resources, reading lists and study guides for students of history.

Tawananna (Tavananna) is the title that was given to Hittite Queens.

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Anatolian Queens

The Hittite Empire, from Ancient Anatolia, stands out as a civilization that did not rely on the systemic subordination of women. In fact the Hittite civilization can boast some powerful and important women who played crucial roles in the formation and development of the empire.

The history books would have us believe that women occupied only marginal roles in history, as wives, mothers and homemakers and as such they have been largely excluded from stories of war, politics and society.

This website is a place to remember the women and the multitude of roles that they have played, the goddesses forgotten, the women who have been too often left buried in history and excluded from how we understand the world we live in and of course, the “Tawanannas” of the modern world, the women who will lead us into the future.

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