Semester Two Reading Schedule

TEXTBOOK:  Stipp, Hollister, Dirrim. The Rise and Development of Western Civilization, Second Edition 

Reading Guide 

  1. Rome’s Three Heirs: Byzantium, Western Europe, Islam (p209)
  2. Carolingian Europe and the New Invasions (p255)
  3. Church and State in the High Middle Ages (p341)
  4. The Renaissance (p433)
  5. The Confessional Age: The Reformation of the Sixteenth Century (p481)
  6. The Century of Crisis 1560-1660 (p513)
  7. The Age of Absolutism (p555)
  8. The Decline of Divine Right Monarchy (p619)
  9. A Generation of Revolution (p649)
  10. Reaction and Revolution: 1815-1850 (p683)
  11. The Politics of Emergent Industrial Society (p771)
  12. The New Imperialism (p809)
  13. Power Politics 1875-1914 (p837)

 Students are expected to obtain a copy of the textbook and prepare for each lesson by doing the required reading.

Recommended Reading List: 

Bauer, SW. The History of the Ancient World, WW Norton and Company, 2007.

Coffin, J. Western Civilizations, WW Norton and Company, 2005.

Roberts, JM. The New Penguin History of the World, 5th ed, Penguin, 2007.

Tigor, R. Et al. Worlds Together, Worlds Apart, 3rd ed, WW Norton and Company, 2010.

Recommended Online Resources:

Timeline of Islamic Dynasties

Timeline of Medieval Period