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Introduction to the History of Civilization (IRE105) Presentation One

USEFUL LINK outline of history (all topics)

**** UNIT FOUR The Renaissance ****

Semester One Reading Quizzes

Quizzes and Questions for Semester One

Semester One Study Guide One

Study guide one for the first semester mid-terms

Semester One Study Guide Two

Study guide two for first semester final exams

Semester Two Study Guide

Study guide one for the semester two mid-term exam

Semester Two Reading Schedule

Reading Schedule and reccomended reading

Semester Two Reading Quizzes

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Semester Two Additional Materials

Additional materials and links to useful sites


A timeline from the rise of Ancient Egypt to the deposition of the last of the Roman Emperors (including links to useful resources)

Dynastic Cycle

The Dynastic Cycle is an ancient Chinese political theory

Minoa-Mycenae Fact Sheet

Summary information about the Minoan and Mycenaeans

Ancient Greece

Additional Materials

Ancient Rome

Additional Materials and Links

Ancient China